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Just “premiered” another short vid tonight in DC with the help of United Nations Environment Programme, at an event sponsored by The Heinz Center, The Global Environment Facility, and The Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the GEF. Thanks for putting this in tonight’s program.


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  1. Hi … commenting on the Christmas Island red crab migration arc this week. I’m privileged to have been to CI on a number of occasions and to have witnessed various stages of the red crab migration. This includes the emergence of the hatched baby crabs – crawling in swarms a foot deep through everything in their path: sand, rocks, jungle, buildings, houses and even cars which have had their doors left open. While there is no freeway on CI there are plenty of roads which were built to support the Phosphate Mine. Thousands of crabs are killed crossing the roads every year during their migrations from the top of the island to the sea to spawn and back again. They do go “crack” or “crunch” when going under a tyre. However, occasionally some get their revenge by puncturing the tyre with a claw, which they hold up in “defence” when they see a vehicle coming their way. At these times the stench of thousands of squashed crabs baking in the tropical sun is overpowering. Hawthorne may have been worshipped by the red crabs but he was luck not to have encountered a “Robber” or “Coconut” crab, which also live on the island. These can grow to basketball size and have fighting claws which can sever a person’s finger (if you’re stupid enough to get in the way).
    I greatly enjoy the strip, Thanks.

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