World Turtle Day


Today is World Turtle Day, and what better day than today to shine a light on Sherman’s sidekick, Fillmore the sea turtle, and his amazing species.


Below is a Sherman’s Lagoon comic from June 2013 where Fillmore weighs in on his pricelessness.



Below are some amazing ocean turtle facts from

•        There are 7 different species of Sea Turtle.

•        The largest aquatic turtle in the world is the Leatherback Sea Turtle. It   averages 6-7 feet in total length with an average weight of 550-1500 pounds. The largest Leatherback Sea Turtle ever found was nearly 10 feet in total length and weighed over 2,000 pounds.
•        Sea Turtles lay 50 to 200 eggs per clutch depending on the species. •             Female Sea Turtles return to the beach where they were born to nest and lay their eggs.
•        Only about 1 in 1,000 babies will survive to adulthood.
•        Sea Turtle eggs incubate for 45-70 days.
•        The Leatherback Sea Turtle eats a diet that consists primarily of jellyfish.
•        Sea Turtles only come to land to nest and lay their eggs.


One thought on “World Turtle Day

  1. So it looks like only one hatchling out of every 5-to-20 clutches of eggs actually goes on to form one-half of a breeding pair of sea turtles. Wow, that’s steep odds for survival! Do those statistics represent the situation before or after human activities have been factored in?

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