19 thoughts on “April 21, 2013

  1. Thank-you for the new updated website. It is so much better. Living in China, it’s good to have and read stuff from home.
    keep up the good work. also, having trouble loading the whole strip of Sunday’s comic, top quarter is missing.

  2. This new display format is crap. It cuts the top off the image, so that the first lines of the speech bubbles cannot be read.

  3. I miss the old slagoon.com web-page. More snappy, more to the point than this one. Especially if you want to look that the web-page from an iPhone.

  4. Did nobody check to see if the comics fit? It’s chopped off.

    Really, go back to the old format. This is more colorful, but less functional.

  5. I can’t read the first four frames of the image! Whomever is responsible for quality control nees to be fired….time for a new webmaster!

  6. I prefer the old format as well, going back to see previous clips is a pain with this new “better” display. But.. I am sure there will be tweaks to improve it.. as well as making sure the clip fits the hole.

  7. Have agree with people that:
    a: The new design kinda sucks visually
    b: Lots of technical mistakes with busted links and seemingly no quality control

  8. Don’t listen to these people that want to go back to the old format. It sucked. This new format is far superior. Looks great. Yea, today the top 1/4 of the ‘toon is cut off so we can’t read the top lines in any of the balloons, but I’m sure they’ve noticed that and will take care of it eventually.

    Meanwhile, definitely enjoying the new page, art, and toons.

  9. I actually like this design more (even though this comment field is a bit horrifying with the combination of teal background and red text…) however the comic is as stated cropped. However the underlying image is as well so something went wrong in the compression to make the image web-worthy. Someone needs to look at their upload process I think…

  10. The new site is too busy, and, frankly, shithouse.

    If you want to have this sort of display, do what Scott Adams has done with Dilbert – in addition to the bells-and-smells site there is a /fast site, which just loads the comic and a 30-day calendar.

    Pisses all over this sort of crap.

    • Exactly.. sheesh give the producers a break. Its not as if you are paying for this. They could have made a tidy sum if people had to subscribe to read these babies..

  11. Hi, all– the Sunday comics are working just fine on this end…if you don’t mind letting us know what browsers you’re having this problem with, we’ll see why there’s an issue. It may have been a badly loaded comic in the feed, in which case it’s fixed now, but if it’s happening with multiple Sundays, that’s something we can fix if we can see it.

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