3 thoughts on “January 18, 2019

  1. Hey!
    I thought disco music was the best part –
    Those were the days…
    (Although I don’t remember them well
    – wasn’t disco music fun then?)

    • Check out the episode on WKRP in Cincinnati, where Johnny Fever is playing a game where the question is: Disco is —-. The winner said: hell.

      • I was going to jump to the defence of ‘disco music’, but I’ve chosen instead to try to be objective:
        ‘Disco music’ was usually associated with ‘disco dancing’, and
        1.any kind of exercise is good, with or without background music
        2.’disco dancing’, especially for younger people then – allowed us to burn up excess energy during our hormonally-fueled growing-up-years, (without causing any harm to ourselves or others).
        1.any form of dancing (or exercise) risks injuries
        2.some attempts have even been painful to watch
        (I won’t mention names.)

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