9 thoughts on “January 23, 2019

  1. Part of me was hoping they’d stop Ligulalepis. >:-D Or affect a change.
    And there’s always the argument that Sherman and Ernest caused him to go for a walk as he was heading back to the water. Natural instinct cause Ligulalepis to walk away from the “dangerous” shark.
    Time travel stories fascinate me. And thank you for years of great entertainment. Cheers!

  2. As I understand it, our friend Ligulalepsis was not the fish that first took to land, but rather the ancestor of the entire bony-fish line, which comprises two branches: ray-finned fish (like Ernest) and lobe-finned fish. It was a member of that later lobe-finned line who can be blamed for taking a stroll on the beach and becoming the ancestor of all terrestrial mammals. (A separate branch is the cartilaginous line, which includes sharks like Sherman.)


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