2 thoughts on “July 10, 2018

  1. It looks like Jim Toomey may need a break -why did Norman(the blue fish, is that his name?) convince Sherman to bite through the cables?
    Note: The cartoonist Jan Eliot(of Stone Soup) decided to take a break in year 2015,after about 20 years of producing a daily comic-strip.
    Merely a suggestion.
    Suggested read: ‘Hierarchy of needs’ by Abraham Maslow,published in 1943.(he passed away in 1970);the ‘hierarchy of needs’ can also be applied to animals.

  2. Too funny! I really wish Sherman would end social media; I’m so sick of the negativity and the Russian bots.

    I just saw there’s a new Sherman collection coming out in the fall- I’m pre-ordering now! Thank you, Mr. Toomey, for making me laugh (and think) for all these years- please don’t stop!

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