One thought on “November 4, 2017

  1. While you’re checking out the West Coast, check out the Oil SEEPS by Santa Barbara OILED BIRDS Bakersfield Californian, pa. A4, Saturday, March 3,2012 LA Times March 2,2012 & March 7 This is the ONLY article that I’ve seen about the ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE that is directly facilitated by the democrat party. (“birds coated with oil seeping from the ocean floor”, “more than 100…in the last two months.”) In 2009 the city of Santa Barbara, 2 environmental groups & an Oil Co. were forced to ask “permission” from the democrat run government to horizontally drill the oil out in order to clean up their water, provide jobs, increase tax revenue, lower unemployment, stop the wanton waste of our natural resources, lower gasoline prices & save the birds. Then, in February, 2009, lieutenant-governor, John Garamendi, democrat, said NO, because he was “protecting the environment”. In July, 2009 the full-time assembly democrats voted NO & then voted to ERASE THEIR VOTE from the record. The article also stated that “6,600 gallons of oil a day seep from the ocean floor in the Santa Barbara Channel”. Democrats are NOT protecting the environment while wasting our resources & destroying California. If Republicans were doing this, we would wonder if they were being bought off by Arab Oil interests, or owned stock in solar/wind energy companies like Solindra who was given $525 MILLION by OBAMA.

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