Meet the Cast


He’s a happy-go-lucky shark who might share a popsicle with you one day and eat you the next. Being a great white shark, Sherman’s hardware is daunting, however his software was never properly installed. The other Lagoonies take comfort in the fact that whatever intelligence he does possess is completely negated by his laziness. The only person Sherman manages to outsmart consistently is Captain Quigley, a crusty old fisherman who would give anything to see him stuffed, mounted, and hanging in a Red Lobster.


Click to enlargeSize and attitude are oftentimes inversely proportional as the laptop crab with the mainframe disposition demonstrates time and time again. He’s a toe-pinching, penny-pinching, party pooping, macho, beer can-dwelling, woke-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-life hermit crab who’s a little too much crab and not enough hermit, thank you very much.


Click to enlargeInside that ruthless, man-eating exterior is a demure, nurturing woman trying to get out. Megan keeps her husband, Sherman, on a short leash.




Click to enlargeSherman’s pensive sidekick provides the anchor of sensibility for an otherwise eccentric cast. Not that Fillmore is a normal, well adjusted sea turtle; far from it. He’s bookish and slightly pompous, however he’s sensitive and principled, and right most of the time.




Click to enlargeLike a brilliant brain surgeon turned to safe cracking, Ernest channels his precocious intellect towards nefarious ends. Ernest is an inspiration to all nerds who have grown tired of video games and yearn for a more fulfilling level of destruction.